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February 2011

It's Winter Time

June 2009

Confrontation: Audiences
Tracking your training

Training Green

October 2008

Can I do parkour?
Have some fun with your training
Increase your long jump distance
Ladder conditioning
Push yourself with Gauntlets
Rock Climbing and Parkour
Some Simple Motivation Tips
Spot Checks
Wall runs and your rear end

September 2008

Barclaycard World Freerun Championships: day after recap
Can I use parkour to get in shape?
Conditioning tips and ideas
How do I get sponsored for freerunning?
How YouTube is not destroying parkour
Is parkour hard on the joints?
Kong (monkey) vault help
Looking ahead to winter
Motivation and effort
Parkour in survival situations
Parkour shoes: advice and reviews
The benefits of barefoot training
Underbar Help
Welcome to September

August 2008

An introduction to the blog and parkour
An overview of protective gear for parkour
Competition and its place in parkour and freerunning
How YouTube is destroying parkour
I don't know where to begin
Locations: how they effect training and how to make the most of your location
Music and its effects/roles in training
Parkour backpacks: advice and reviews
The four areas to perfect for better technique
The legality of parkour
The nature of parkour
The pros and cons of training in a group
The three keys to getting the most out of parkour
What should I bring to my first meet?

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