"What should I bring to my first meet?"
~Craig Dobson, NY

Different people will hold their meets differently, however many of them will bring the same things. My first time out to a meet I wore track pants and a spandex shirt, and ended up on a meet with guys who some might say looked like gangsters; however both them and I wore appropriate gear, and we will discuss that here. As a general rule you want your clothes to be a nice relaxed fit without restricting any movement (“low riding” your pants or shorts may feel relaxed to you, but greatly hinder your ability to move; be smart). We will discuss what you should wear and bring, going from the feet up.

You want a nice light pair of shoes that are flexible and breathable; it makes it that much easier to move around in. I also suggest that your shoe has a thinner sole so that you can better interact with your environment and studies show that the repeated impacts will actually train the muscles around your knees to work to protect them. You also want your shoes to have a fair bit of grip, as well as a flat bottom (in past experiences with soles of variable shape, I have had cases with a pair of running shoes where a bar will got stuck in the shoe during a take-off for a precision, and it did not end well) and some half decent ankle support. If it is your first time out, I suggest that you simply sort through your current shoes for a pair that matches some of these insights; don’t spend the money on parkour specific shoes this early on. If you are interested in investing in some shoes that are better suited for parkour, you may be interested in THIS ARTICLE.

Pants and Shorts.
The majority of parkour practicing will be done in the summer due to the weather conditions and as such, shorts are often worn. You have to be careful though because in my experiences of past, there have been shorts with a low crotch that can limit movement. For the other seasons, pants are the option which is most likely to be chosen (without excluding the possibility of wearing them in summer too). While people would instantly assume that this means track pants, jeans are okay too. What people don’t always realize is that the founding definition of parkour included that it was meant as a means to get from A to B in the case of an emergency such as a chase or escape. In this real life situation you are not likely to be walking around downtown in your track pants, and it is reasonable to consider training in jeans or pants that you may normally wear. This does not mean that you can "low ride" with the excuse that it is more suited for a real life situation since it's what you normally wear; keep in mind that you are just training, and should dress as such. If you choose to wear jeans you want them a comfortable fit, with the greatest range of motion possible. The rule for pants and shorts is that you want a good fit that provides the greatest range of motion possible, while the decision between whether to wear shorts, track-pants, jeans or anything in between is up to you.

In the summer and other warmer times, any t-shirt or long sleeve shirt will really suffice; there generally isn’t any restriction caused by shirts. If you are really into parkour and intend to train during the winter, you have to be a little more careful. You should dress in layers, but you can’t expect to pull on a bunch of shirts and expect that they will keep you warm. When you exercise you sweat and winter is no exception, especially if you have just loaded yourself with a bunch of shirts; you are going to be warm. Sweat is what cools you in the summer but in the winter it may freeze while on your person and make you overly cold. If you don’t layer properly, you are going to do exactly the opposite of what you originally intended. I myself have not extensively practiced parkour in the winter and can not offer any proper advice of my own on layering shirts, however after a fair bit of research, I have found a method of layer that has been tried and spoken as true:
Layer One: This layer is in direct contact with your skin, and it is this layer that takes the sweat away from your body so that it doesn’t freeze directly on your person. For this layer you want a tight fitting material that will take the sweat away from your body. Materials that fit into this category are polypropylene (better known as long underwear), polyester, thermax, thinsulate and wool. You want to avoid cotton as it traps moisture and will stay wet, and if it doesn’t freeze it will still continue to draw your body heat.

Layer Two: This is a warmer layer which provides insulation, keeping some heat in. The second layer also carries moisture away from the primary layer to the last layer. It doesn’t need to be a tight fitting as the first layer but if it is to function properly it still needs to keep contact with the first layer, so don’t go too loose. A fair bit of second layer clothing will feature extras such as armpit ventilation zippers, long front zippers, as well as adjustable cuffs, collars and waistbands. Think along the lines of a jogging jacket or a long sleeve shirt. Material that is appropriate for this layer includes polyester, down, fleece, wool and newer synthetic and natural blends.

Third Layer: The third layer allows the moisture to escape and blocks the wind, and should be tough enough to withstand a few scrapes, tears and abrasions. As with the second layer, the options for the third layer often in clued extras such as the aforementioned ventilation zippers. Many sources suggest that the material be of similar type to Gore-Tex (simply a common brand name for water-repellent, breathable laminated fabrics), while cheaper alternatives include light wind-resistant and water-resistant fabrics.
This three step layer process should keep you warm and comfortable in the winter and if required, you can remove layers if you become warmer than desired (you can also add on another layer on top of the outer if it is really cold or windy, such as a light windbreaker).

Hats and caps.
If you wish to wear one, there isn’t anything stopping you. Hats are not detrimental and do not reduce movement in any way (unless you have a crazy hat), and it is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to wear one. Wintery toque style hats may keep you warmer by blocking heat escape, while baseball caps can keep the sun out of your eyes and protect you (to a slight degree) from burns.

As previously stated, different meets will run in different ways, but the most common way to run a meet is to move from one location to another, while stopping at each location and practicing some moves before moving on to the next. The goal of a backpack thus is to keep your items and personal effects together and provide a way for you to transport them easily place to place. Unless your meets include actual runs and instances where you would be wearing the backpack while performing moves and techniques (and it is extremely unlikely that such things will be performed at meets let alone at your first meet ), you have no need right now to delve into different types of backpacks. Simply grab a good old backpack or any other bag that will do the job and load it up with whatever you wish to bring with you.

To read more on backpacks including reviews of some of the various options: CLICK HERE

Whatever else you choose to bring is up to you: a cell phone, a bus pass, some change, an mp3 player or diskman (though I highly advise against the latter pair. CLICK HERE for more information.) or whatever else you may fancy. The only thing I suggest you bring is water as it is easy to get dehydrated, and if your group travels around a lot you may wish to consider some change or a bus pass in order to get around (if the locations are too far apart to reasonably run or walk to).

There you have it, a moderately brief summary of what to bring to your first meet. Hopefully this article was reasonably beneficial and worth the read. If you have any comments, questions or ideas for future articles please write them as a comment on this article until the possible future when a comment box may be installed.

Credits go to Brendan Quigley as well as the many other sources (if credit is due to you, please note so in the comments as I have visited a great deal of sources and could not list them all) that I traversed in order to obtain enough information to educate us as to how to properly layer.

*It seems that there are going to be many articles in the near future.

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  1. Anonymous // 24/5/09 11:52  

    Hello every one! Well me question is simple: does any one train with a back pack on? I have a very small one strap sling type pack that i wear while training that contains a small first aid kit, water bottle, my cell and a pocket knife(i live in a kinda bad area). It was very hard at first and choked me most of the time but now i don't even notice it and am glad to have that stuff, i.e. the bandages and especially the water. Let me know your thoughts! Cheers!

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  5. Anonymous // 31/12/09 17:16  

    okay Ive done parkour for a bit and one day this crazy guy in my neighbor hood started chasing us down in his car and such... Longstory short we got away but does anybody have any good tips on parkouring with a bag because I had to ditch some expensive filming equipment and come back for it later thanks

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  7. Anonymous // 8/6/10 19:28  

    Well I bring a backpak with me, but when Im practiceing Im takeing it off, and keeping it close by. So if something happends I can get it fast on... Thanx for this great opinions they helped me a lot... If any one would like to write me go ahead
    best music to listen is french rap when you parkour such as doublepact and sefyu.
    So first look around then make some thing, you never know what could happen so stay focused, first think then do. A week ago i broked my heel when I jumped of 6meeters hight bulding. It was first time when I broked sth.
    So keep it real traceurs!

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