IMPORTANT! READ THIS ARTICLE TOO! The linked article outlines the dangers of competition. The below article is for interest purposes; the actual event is not endorsed by Parkour Helper due to its problematic nature as explained HERE.

I thought I might sneak in an extra post here for you. Here is a highlight reel for the day old Barclaycard World Freerun Championships recently held in London (yesterday actually).

The discipline of Freerun now has an official world champion in the form of Gabriel 'Jaywalker' Nunez (USA). 2nd place went to Tim 'Livewire' Shieff (UK) and 3rd to Ben 'Jenx' Jenkin (UK) who also collected Adidas' sickest technique award. In total, a collective of 23 athletes from 18 different countries went head to head to compete at the Barclaycard World Freerun Championships on Weds the 3rd of Sept. The event started off with Mexican participant, Jorge 'Sarge' Romero failing to make an ambitious underbar to precision jump 20ft up, by under-shooting it and crashing heavily, forcing him out of the competition. Luckily, outside of a trip to the hospital and a bruised ego, he was fine but the eye watering footage will no doubt become an instant bails classic on youtube. Overall the skill level and general feeling of unity amongst all the competitors, was a sight to behold. The event ended up being an outstanding success and has been winning rave reviews from media sources worldwide.
~Urban Freeflow

Until more videos and media emerges, feel free to check out the above video and the Barclaycard Freerun Channel on YouTube as well as this collection of behind the scenes photos by Claudiu Voicu. Finally, here is the layout of the event if anyone is interested.

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  1. Evan // 5/9/08 10:37  

    This isn't really something to advertise, espically to the audience you have selected for your blog. Readers may be inclined to pursue an event such as this one without even understanding the disciplines and why we are driven to practise them. If traceurs and trickers are mindlessly training for a world stage like this competition they will never truly undestand the art of parkour or the essence of movement. They will never feel the satisfaction of personal development and progression. Ultimately they will never be true to themselves and do it for themselves because they are too busy following the external influences around them. Hopefully you can post a follow-up article on this.

  2. Evan // 6/9/08 00:24  

    Thanks for putting up the link. I still feel we need to focus on the postives parkour has been setting and neglect the negitives.