The answer is both yes and no.

Parkour can deliver a fair degree of workout if you are willing to put in a great deal of effort in your training sessions. Parkour however will not by itself get you in a great deal of shape, it is the conditioning moves and practical workouts that will help you beef up. Parkour can help though; if training in the right way you can get a fair endurance workout out of it. The training in parkour mostly emphasizes skill and mastery of technique, learning to utilize your strength in different ways and applying them to different situations. Thus the practicing of certain techniques will help you to gain control of your muscles; working under a variety of circumstances and situations, you will gradually help your muscles to learn how to excrete the most power in the most efficient way possible. Quite simply, parkour will help you tone your muscles and get the most out of your current physical shape.

My suggestion as such is that you continue to (or begin to) workout separately from parkour; both compliment each other in order to improve your overall fitness, but you won't get significantly stronger through parkour alone. To quote from The three keys to getting the most out of parkour:

You are not going to improve in parkour if you don’t work on building your strength and endurance. If you can wall pass a twelve foot wall once, you can do it again and again and again [...] only strength and an increase in physical fitness will take you those extra feet, technique no matter how perfect can only take you so far.

Even if you are outside six or more hours daily practicing and making a lot of "progress" on the technical side, you aren’t pushing yourself or your body [...] after all the training technically to control the way you move, you will still be out of shape, without any power behind your movements and have poor endurance skills [...].

[...] there comes the point where you have to realize that all your time spent training the technical portion of your moves is not going to make you any faster, stronger, or have increased vaulting or climbing abilities. You will never significantly advance if you don’t begin to exercise and work out.

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  1. newtoparkour // 15/8/09 02:32  

    i just have to say, your site is awesome. ive read almost every article in full and it has pretty much inspired me to try and take up parkour