I have been doing Parkour for about a year and freerunning for almost just as long. I am starting to look for some sponsors but I have no idea on how to do this. I did some research and it says start with small in town companies and work up from there. I understood that but don't know how to apply or what to look for as in for a company. any help or advice?

From a potential sponsors position, you don't have too much to offer right now. Free-running is not a business, there aren't competitions or events based around it (well in all truth, Urban Freeflow has hosted one, but it was exclusive and open only to highly profiled members of the free-running community). You have to find a way to make a business off of free-running in order for the sponsor to gain advertising and thus want to sponsor you.

Consider selling yourself out as a street performer if you are good enough. That way you can perform at some venues and parties et cetera as a bit of a side show. For example if your city has parades you could go in them and show off some free-running, and build up to performing elsewhere such as local halftime shows. It may be easier too if you have friends around the same level, then you could have a little crew and make a business that way.

What I'm saying is that sponsors sponsor people for a reason, advertising. If you don't have something to offer them, what would the have to offer you?

I hope that didn't sound overly negative, I meant to give as much positive feedback as I could. I just want you to understand your position and consider what you may have to do. Sponsors aren't going to give you money or gear etc just because you can do eloquent wall passes or backflips.

Summary: You have to be able to say, this is what I can offer you (advertising, showing the public that the sponsor works positively with the new generations and is willing to invest in and support new concepts etc) in order for them to offer you anything back.

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  1. AwesmaysingAce // 19/9/15 11:15  

    Ok so how do I advertise myself

  2. Anonymous // 13/10/15 13:53  

    Do sum flips in public areas, show off basically.