There is a problem with the world today: we are all lazy. Sure there are those of us who will choose to run 50k a week as a minimum, but are we really trying? Simple examination will show you that very few people in this world are really trying and putting effort into what they do. We seem to drive towards a certain goal and once we reach it we sit there contently doing only enough to keep our heads above the water.

There is a deficit of energy and willingness amongst us; it has become almost a human trait. We as traceurs face this problem just as much as the next person. Many of you know through your training that you will condition until you feel a little tired, or practice technique until you get bored of it. My question for you is: how far do you think this will get you? The addition of effort and will power into any activity will aid in your progression; you have to find some motivation within yourself, a willingness to push forward.

It doesn't matter what your current fitness level is; regardless of whether you can do ten, fifty or two hundred push-ups you will not progress further without the addition of effort. You have to be able to push yourself that extra step: one extra kong, another set of dynos, one more minute of skipping; once you finish that, do it again. Force yourself to be your own coach, motivate yourself saying "only one more round; ok maybe another right now, I think we can handle this" and pushing your body that extra step. Obviously this needs to be done carefully to avoid injury, but everyone should be working to be able to push themselves past their limits.

No matter your level, no matter what gifts you may possess, you won't experience progression without effort and a little motivation.

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