While browsing the internet like I do, I came across an interesting article that caught my attention because of its similarity to some of my beliefs. The article by Thomas Couetdic emphasized the importance of utilizing and training in other practices in order to benefit your parkour as it relates to real life situations. Here is something for you to think about and consider.

The practical use for parkour is to get from point A to point B as fast as you can in order to escape a bad or dangerous situation et cetera. However I (and Thomas) also considered adding to this: if you want to escape, what happens when the pursuer doesn’t want to give up? Parkour will not be enough; in this instance it is the escape survival techniques learned, fighting skills among other things that will help you end up on top.

"How useful are you to yourself if you can do a nice and cool jump in a confortable urban environnement but you can't walk 20km in a mosquito infested jungle ? Unfortuantely, that's the case of most Traceurs (aka Parkour practitioners). Most people train in extremely confortable situations, they have water, food, weather-adapted clothes and they can go back home at any time if they get tired, bored or injured. In the winter they train in gyms because they don't like when it's cold. At no time are they forced to face a difficulty, it always remains a matter of personnal choice."
~Thomas Couetdic

If you are doing parkour in order to better yourself in any situation involving life threats or the sort, then you should make yourself useful in a variety of supplementary skill sets. In any real life situation it is the combination of parkour and acquired skills that will help you survive.

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  1. Anonymous // 7/8/12 03:48  

    Great site, lots of great insights! I am a 36 year old martial artist,I have only been training parkour/natural method for a week now. (which I had known about it sooner) I often spend time in the mountains, and I agree totally with Thomas' quote. Keep up the good work,