I will in time, add more reviews to this page. If you would like me to review a specific shoe, leave a comment below.

“What shoes should I wear for parkour?”
One of the most commonly asked questions in the world of le parkour, and one of the hardest ones to answer. There isn’t a definitive shoe that will suit anyone, and there isn’t any single shoe that is best for parkour.

Parkour shoe diamonds can be found in expensive brands or in cheap discount bins; there isn’t any shoe that stands out as best. Obviously if you are here reading this, you don’t want necessarily want to hear that, you want me to do the work and find you some decent parkour shoes. So be it. I have scouted forums and communities looking through the reviews of hundreds and thousands of traceurs, compiling reviews to determine which shoes are most commonly used and reviewed; and the results are in.

Scoring system.

To properly access the shoes, there has to be some grading system. After scouring many forums and communities, I have decided to use eight criteria for scoring.

  1. Grip: How well does the shoe stick to surfaces? Shoes intended for parkour should have a considerable amount of grip in order to aid in wall runs, tic-tacs, precisions and the like. To score high in this category, the shoe must have a good grippy sole that will not wear thin too easily.

  2. Fit: How snug is the shoe? Some shoes such as skate shoes have loose fits, allowing for the foot to move around within the shoe a lot; in parkour, you want to shoe to fit nicely to your foot to minimize room for injury and increase control levels. The better the other reviewers’ fit descriptions and opinions are, the higher the score will be.

  3. Comfort: This will vary from traceur to traceur, but you will want a general idea of how a shoe is going to feel. To grade this I looked at all the shoes reviews and looked at how traceurs thought the shoe felt as they wore it. Obviously the higher the comfort is, the higher the score will be.

  4. Weight: In parkour, you want a nice light shoe; one that you could forget was there. Chunky and clunky shoes may hinder your performance and can be physically taxing. While durability shouldn’t be sacrificed for a light pair of shoes, you don’t want to get a heavy pair by any standards. The lighter the shoe, the higher the score.

  5. Flexibility: Many maneuvers in parkour that require your feet will require some amount of flexibility (for instance, a wall run), and you want your shoe to be able to allow that. A shoe that scores highly under this category will be flexible enough to allow for freedom of movement, without sacrificing safety or durability.

  6. Durability: You want your shoe to last. When researching shoes and their reviews from traceurs, I look at how long they have been worn and how they are holding up. While you should never spend much on a pair of parkour shoes, you don’t want to unnecessarily be buying more pairs of shoes because your others have worn through. A shoe ranking high here will last a little longer.

  7. Cushioning: This is a little trickier to score. A shoe for parkour should provide some cushioning to help the lesser experienced handle drops and falls (shoes with substantially less cushioning demand near perfect technique), but should also allow the traceur to interact with their environment. A good score here will be a happy medium between the two extremes.

  8. Other: This takes into consideration other miscellaneous details such as pricing (prices will not be listed as they vary too greatly), shape and make of the sole (flatter soles are better for precisions and control; one piece soles are more durable), traceurs’ personal remarks and brand reliability.
As a final note, when viewing score cards for each shoe there will be two numbers for each category. The first number represents the impression and opinion that I have developed through examination of the shoe and various reviews; the number in brackets represents the average score as represented by the general reviewing community.


Asics Gel-Evolution II
Grip: 8(9)
Fit: 8(8.5)
Comfort: 9(9.5)
Weight: 9(8.5)
Flexibility: 7.5(7.5)
Durability: 6.5(8)
Cushioning: 7.5(8)
Other: 7(8.5)

Score: 78(84)%

While the shoe is light and is considerably comfortable, with a good grip and a nice fit, it seems to fall behind in some of the other categories. The mesh takes away from durability as it can easily tear during any extensive training. The multiple pieces that make up the sole seem to be begging to be torn off and it hasn’t been reviewed as too flexible. Asics also tend to be a little pricey.

UnderArmour Proto-Evade

Grip: 7.5(8)
Fit: 8(8)
Comfort: 8(9)
Weight: 9(8)
Flexibility: 8(8.5)
Durability: 7.5(7.5)
Cushioning: 9(7.5)
Other: 8(9)

Score: 80(82)%

Being rather new to the market still, these shoes are a little pricey, however they seem rather functional. The grip could be a little better, but the overall response from the few traceurs who have tried this shoe has been great. One of the reviewers has suggested that you use another pair of running shoes for running so that this one doesn't wear out too quickly, and with the current price being what it is that may be an idea to consider.

K-Swiss Ariake
Grip: 8.5(8)
Fit: 8(7.5)
Comfort: 8(7.5)
Weight: 8.5(8.5)
Flexibility: 9(8)
Durability: 8.5(8)
Cushioning: 7.5(8.5)
Other: 8(7.5)

Score: 83(80)%

The reviews on this shoe have been the most puzzling, with some people absolutely in love with it and some who want to shoot the creator. What I have heard from the sources is that it can be a little pricey, though it can also be cheap if you look in the right places; it has been incredibly durable and able to withstand great abuse, though sometimes there are little problems like eyelets breaking off. Some other questions of concern are aimed at the toe which is a little longer and to some, a little uncomfortable, but general reviews were rather pleasant to the shoe.

La Sportive Slingshot
Grip: 8(8.5)
Fit: 9(9)
Comfort: 9(9)
Weight: 9.5(9.5)
Flexibility: 9.5(9.5)
Durability: 8(7.5)
Cushioning: 7(8.5)
Other: 8(8.5)

Score: 85(87)%

The Slingshot is a force to be reckoned with according to the sparse reviews I have seen from traceurs. With grip almost comparable to the patented 'Stealth Rubber' of 5.10 and a great fit, comfort and flexibility it seems like the shoe would be a great success for any traceur looking for a parkour shoe. There are a few downfalls though: for newer traceurs, it isn't the best choice as it is a little thin on cushioning and good technique is required, though it isn't sparse on its padding; they last for a year and a half on average if you expect maximum functionality, though they can be used for longer; finally, they are no longer being produced. That's right, the slingshots are now only available through resales; however La Sportiva has two other near identical shoes title the Fire Blade and the Race Blade which come highly recommended by the same traceurs who reviewed this shoe.

FiveTen Savant
Grip: 9.5(9.5)
Fit: 9(9)
Comfort: 9.5(9)
Weight: 8.5(9)
Flexibility: 7.5(8.5)
Durability: 9.5(9)
Cushioning: 9(9.5)
Other: 9(9)

Score: 89(91)%

Almost every reviewer of this shoe was ecstatic. Made by FiveTen, this shoe features the patented "Stealth Rubber" - an extremely grippy non-streaking rubber. The shoe is light, though there are lighter; it is moderately flexible though some reviews have lead me to believe that there is something more to be desired here; it seems to endure well and fit nicely. One source suggested a downfall is that it is perhaps overly cushioned and suggests that their Daescent model is lighter and more flexible, with FiveTen's Freerunner fitting somewhere in between.

Puma California

Grip: 8(8)
Fit: 9(9)
Comfort: 8.5(9)
Weight: 8(7)
Flexibility: 7.5(7)
Durability: 8(9)
Cushioning: 7.5(8.5)
Other: 8(8)

Score: 79(82)%

There were only two reviews for this shoe by traceurs and both seemed to like it a lot, thus I reviewed it. It seems to be a cross between a skate shoe and a functional runner. The fit is stated to be rather snug with the shoe itself is apparently quite light. Another bonus is that it is apparently quite cheap, widely available and there are many colour options. The only thing I would question about the shoe is the actual durability, as I can't see it lasting much more than a year.

Vibram FiveFingers K.S.O.
Grip: 9(9.5)
Fit: 9(7.5)
Comfort: 9(8.5)
Weight: 10(9.5)
Flexibility: 10(9.5)
Durability: 9(8.5)
Cushioning: 8.5(8.5)
Other: 9.5(8)

Score: 92(86)%

I was surprised to see a FiveFingers shoe listed under a couple shoe review threads in parkour communities. The KSO (Keep Stuff Out) version of the FiveFingers is an improvement on the FiveFingers Sprint as it, well, keeps stuff out. Since my first review of these shoes, I have actually managed to purchase a pair, as well as the "Sprint" model. The shoe fits like a sock and while it takes some time to get used to (it took maybe five minutes to get used to having fabric between my toes), they can improve form, work muscles never used, improve balance and foot sensitivity and get you closer to your natural roots. While I was informed that the sizes currently do not come in 'halves' and sometimes this misfitting can cause ankle chaffing, I found that the degree of adjustablilty in the shoes allows you to overcome this with great ease; furthermore the steps on the sizing chart are very compact, which is to say that there is a shoe for your foot size. Finally, this is not for those who are not used to barefoot training or walking. While they can certainly work towards using it, it is not smart (and you will feel it) to jump right into barefoot training if you have lived a sheltered life of shoes. This is not to discourage use, but to have you note that it takes some time to work into them.

Feiyue Los
NOTE: There are various Feiyue shoe types; being asked to review the Feiyues was rather general, so I have chosen to review the Feiyue Lo shoes because they were the most prominent in parkour communities..

Fit: 8(8)
Comfort: 8(7.5)
Weight: 9(9)
Flexibility: 8(9)
Durability: 6.5(7)
Cushioning: 8.5(7)
Other: 8(9)

Score: 78(80)%

The shoe has been identified as comfortable once you got used to them: like many barefoot shoes, there is little cushioning which I find productive (adjusting your joints properly and strengthening your calves) but which those with sloppy technique will find painful. A very concerning point is the durability - the tread has been said to "disintegrate" (a direct quote), an extreme response to the sole shredding by dragging feet and cat grabs. This puts the durability in severe question, though it has been said that the grip once the tread has worn off is excellent (if they last). The shoes are light however and the fit seems just fine. I wonder if the shoes which originally seemed meant for martial arts should stay away from our concrete jungles.

Closing Words.
I just wish to remind the readers that there is no definitive right or wrong when looking for a parkour shoe, it takes all types. You may find shoes in discount bins that are worth five or ten times the non-retail value of the more expensive options. Take some of my criteria if you wish along with your own and go check out your local shoe store, you may find a hidden treasure.

The shoes reviewed are simply those that have appeared most in the parkour communities and forums, and are not endorsed or sponsored in any way by myself.

If you would like me to review a shoe or some options that are carried by a certain brand etc., or have some comments to make on the above shoes, then leave me a comment below. Furthermore, if you would like more information on any of the above shoes, simply type it's name into the search box below.

1904 comments and questions

  1. Anonymous // 15/9/08 20:04  

    Those last shoes look like a joke. Good info though, I will definitely keep in mind your scoring and stuff when I go to by some parkour shoes.

  2. Anonymous // 26/11/08 00:30  

    ok i have a quation and i cant decide between two shoes.first:how much and whear can i find viram fivefingers k.s.o.?secondi was wondering if nikie air rift are good parkour shoes.please if you can answer my qustions send the answer to spartan368@yahoo.com. THAKS :]

  3. SkateParkour // 14/4/09 19:47  

    heyy. i have some public royalty high tops. they are skateboard shoes but they can be tied really tight. how are these?

  4. Anonymous // 22/4/09 19:26  

    So, I bought the FiveTen "Freerunner". I give it great marks across the board. It's comfortable, light, flexible, plus it looks nice. The cushioning seems just right, and I can't speak for durability yet. My one disparagement is kind of a big one though. The shoes get a great grip on slightly rough surfaces like concrete, rock, and bricks, but smoother surfaces like metal are deadly. I know my friends with the Ariakis have the same problem, which is why I didn't get them, and it seems like a pretty major design flaw. I could climb up light posts, drain pipes, etc. no problem in my $30 cross trainers, but these parkour shoes make it nearly impossible. I also slipped on a metal railing in these shoes that I have never had a problem with before, and I shudder to think what a metal picnic table or power box is going to be like. The Freerunners do seem better on wet surfaces than the Ariakis are, which is a plus.
    It's sad, because I really like these shoes, but wearing them closes off possibilities that were open to me before. I may try the Savants next, as it looks like they have a more conventional sole, but I'll probably just go back to my cross trainers and mourn the $100 I just blew.
    Anyone else have similar experiences with the other 'parkour/freerunning' shoes out there?

  5. Anonymous // 13/5/09 23:52  

    i have personally tryed a few pairs of these shoes. the under armor ones were excellent but not as grippy as the ariakes and definately not as durable. right now i am using the vibram five fingers. depending on your enviroment being wet and cold (say washington vs. california) it is much better to use them in a nice dry place. i do give them a 97% though. amazing shoe and best of the best. takes some getting used to though.

  6. Anonymous // 7/6/09 21:32  

    I use the 5.10 freerunner as well, the grip is great of course, especially on stone, I haven't gone back to measure the height of the wall but I'm pretty sure it was close to 13ft tall. I've never noticed any trouble on metal surfaces though like someone else mentioned. The durability however is lacking. I managed to put a nice sized tear in the side of one of them. They're really tough around the toe, heel, and seams, but not very durable along the sides.

  7. Kivalo // 12/6/09 11:55  

    I've had countless pairs of running shoes and cross trainers, all of which worked rather well for me but could not stand the test of time (within 4-6 months they were all completely toast). When I practice parkour now, I wear boots (yes I know) but hear me out- Bates 2261 Ultra Lites are spectacular for athletic use. They are light, durable, extremely grippy and cushioned just right. Also, contrary to an initial look, they are very flexible and are comfortable on precision jumps and wall runs. Overall, the weight is the only issue and takes just a few hours to completely conform to.

  8. Anonymous // 2/7/09 08:04  

    I've always done parkour barefoot because i didn't like shoes, but after seeing the vibram fivefingers, i just had to try them. i get the same movement as before and it stops me from getting things like thin stiks stuck in my foot. i thing their just awesome. i havn't had time to find out about the durability yet but it does add a whole lot more grip than barefoot.

  9. Anonymous // 3/7/09 00:06  

    Hey how do i get the kswiss shoes

  10. Wayde // 16/7/09 03:52  

    I really needed some new shoes for parkour (seeing as I only owned three pairs of shoes at the time: DCs, Steve Maddens, and Heelys), but I didn't have a lot of money to spend. Actually, I wasn't really even looking for shoes. I was at Walmart looking for some gloves. But I happened to make a quick run through the shoe department and found a pair of Athletic Works Sloan II, I guess they're called. I couldn't find anything about them on the internet.

    Anyway, I bought them because they were only $26, and I was extremely surprised. They offer a lot of padding for hard landings (which could be good or bad), but the grip is insane. I actually went outside from there and climbed a 12 foot wall. Actually, said wall was in the back of the Walmart building. But they're a definite recommendation if you can find them. All I can really tell you is that they're white and they have bright yellow padding inside them.

  11. Charlie_clarkus // 25/10/09 06:20  

    Here every one you are all waisting money on ariakies and they are all good since i have had expierience but these shoes i am a bout to mension are probably the best shoes around. Kalenjis they are shoes not many no about only traceurs mainly. the shoes what are probably the best are what i where and my traceur friends and the team 3run and urbanfreeflow.kalenji success they have amazing grip comfort cushoning just about every thing.and even better only £10.they made a new model of them and they are no way near as good from what ive heard.and they stopped selling them here in england but they still sell them in china and other countries.but i dnt no if the shop that sell them are in america wich i no most of the people on here are american.The shop is called decatholon. irealy advise you get some if you can and go on google or something and search kallenjis but the shop doesnt deliver them you have to collect them my self luckily there was a pair on ebay and i sanapped them up and also rumers of 3run are going to sell them overall 100/100 i say they realy are something get them now!!!!!! Or and my youtube name is clarky202 i havmt got any videos of us traningi am going to get a camera soon but my friends youtube names are miikeyym, streetskaterliam, traceurmagic. There is no spaces in the names. Peace out and hope for you to add me on youtube soon :)

  12. Robert // 26/10/09 22:34  

    I have a pair of Vibram Five Finger Sprints, and the ONLY complaint i have is that they were not as durable as i hoped, I put them through A LOT though and was still proud of how long they lasted. The KSO's are definitely more durable and I am thinking of buying a pair soon.

  13. Anonymous // 4/11/09 03:03  
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  14. Anonymous // 4/11/09 08:12  
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  15. kevin // 10/12/09 19:38  

    I have a pair of the K-swiss Ariakes and I have to admit this is a great shoe. Tons of traction, nice cushioning, flexible, durable, good looks.

    Now I do have one complaint, these are messing up the back of my ankle. its peeling off the skin a lot, im hoping this is just because they need to be broken in but ive had them for a month and it hasnt healed much, but i probably just need to take a little break from parkour

    now i know the ariake's are expensive, but lots of skater shoes would be good for people starting out for parkour. assuming u get cheaper ones. they are flat, and this is what i used to parkour for my first 4 months. probably wont last long, but its better than tearing up a good pair of parkour shoes right away. although the ariakes are durable, they can still break. so its good to wait until you are doing most things with correct form. It will reduce damage to your shoes

  16. Anonymous // 22/12/09 12:53  

    HI, the Sportivas look like a good shoe to me and i tried to find them on the website but they arent there. Maybe i overlooked them but I searched a couple times. do you know of any retailer stores out there that have them?

  17. Anonymous // 3/1/10 05:07  
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  18. Anonymous // 3/1/10 05:08  
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  19. Anonymous // 17/1/10 20:34  

    The Ariake shoes, look nice, but they're expensive and they tear easily on the front, i have them and they tore after a month and a friend of mine bought them, his were also torn in the front quite early.

    Check out Adidas Dakota Low Mens Retro Shoes, I just bought them on sale for around $15 and they seem to fit real nice and are so far so good for PK.

  20. Anonymous // 7/2/10 16:59  
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  21. Anonymous // 7/2/10 19:39  

    I really like how in depth you've gone into in each shoe. My only suggestion is posibly adding the price at the bottom of each shoe. I know we could all go look at the shoe, but it'd please us lazy people. Thanks alot for the info.

  22. Anonymous // 11/2/10 21:21  
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  23. Anonymous // 4/3/10 12:07  

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  26. Anonymous // 13/5/10 14:07  
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  27. mark // 14/5/10 22:57  

    hey i have been searching for the puma california but there is more than one kind. which one did you review?

  28. louisville13 // 15/5/10 11:23  

    can you please review the Feiyue Shoes? thanks.

  29. Anonymous // 29/5/10 19:47  
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  30. Anonymous // 1/6/10 13:30  
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  31. Parkour Shoes // 4/6/10 00:34  

    Did you find that the Five Finger shoe held up well to stones and other debris? They look interesting.

  32. Anonymous // 6/6/10 08:57  
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  33. Anonymous // 11/6/10 19:01  
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  34. Anonymous // 18/6/10 23:20  
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  35. Anonymous // 16/7/10 10:47  
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  36. Elliot // 28/7/10 22:55  

    Hi, I couldn't find any of the la sportiva shoes you mentioned... it appears they are fairly hard to get hold of but never mind, I assume they are over my budget anyway, ha ha, just to note, i turned up different information on the feiyue's having many a traceur state that the feiyue's are some of the best parkour shoes around, especially considering their price, but I guess everyone has there own opinion and one good shoe for one traceur is one to avoid for another, one last thing, i would ask that you make a review for the nike darts if you find the time, and i want to thank you for making a very good site. may your feet stay nimble, your body balanced and your mind focused.

  37. trainers shoes // 2/8/10 04:26  

    Well I was also surprised to see a Five Fingers shoe listed under a couple shoe review threads in parkour communities but looking good and interesting.

  38. Anonymous // 11/8/10 06:20  

    Genial brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

  39. zbsports // 28/8/10 02:09  

    Great shoes, I want to have one, now I know what to wear.

  40. Ink // 18/10/10 14:10  

    Thank you so much! This is the best stash of info about parkour shoes that I have found on the internet. Closure, finally!

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  46. Anonymous // 7/4/11 21:09  

    I just got a pair of vibram five fingers komodo sports yesterday, and did some pk in them for a couple of hours today. They definitely take a little bit of getting used to in terms of the way you walk and do things. I find them to be very comfortable, they feel really natural actually. They are really flexible and have good grip everywhere except for along the arch of the foot, where they aren't as grippy. I also noticed I could't get up walls as well as before. I normally do my pk in a pair of osiris mid top skate shoes that fit my feet well and have thinner soles from being work out skating.

  47. Anonymous // 21/5/11 22:32  

    Can you please review the Reebok Real Flex?


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    But recently I have been wondering how well wrestling shoes will do based on that they are one whole sole, light, feel like they have great grip, and are fairly comfortable. I have no clue on their durability though, which is my main worry about them, and they are priced varying on which type you get of course.
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