I am afraid of hitting my butt or bak off of a bar on underbars and I want to improve at them even though I am kind of scared of them. Is there something I can do to help this?
Underbars are a little difficult to manage; squeezing through tight spaces without hitting your back off of them takes some practice and control, but how do you practice this when you have a phobia of hitting something off of the bars?

I use masking tape. The process is quite simple:

1) Find a good place that has two vertical bars or walls topped with a horizontal bar that could be used for chin-ups or pull-ups (allow for space on either side so that you can actually swing through). When selecting a spot, aim for trying places with different bar heights; the horizontal bar is the bar your hands go on, and thus you are practicing for different levels of underbars. I personally like to go to playgrounds around elementary schools which sometimes feature structures like the below attached to the main jungle gym. Otherwise I will also use the end of a monkey bar structure among other countless possibilities.2) Pull out your trusty tape of choice (I use masking tape as it leaves less of a mess) and tape a line across the opening under the bar. This will act as your lower boundary or bar; the space between the tape and the horizontal bar is where you will swing through. This way if you do hit your back off anything, it will be the tape and you will suffer no injuries.

3) Practice your underbar until you are comfortable with it at that height and knowledgeable that you can successfully complete an underbar in an area of that size.

4) Decrease the swing space by raising the tape. Continue practicing again until you are comfortable, then raise the tape again. Repeat until you have maximized your potential and minimized the area required for your swing.

5) CLEAN UP YOUR MESS. Discard of any tape and remove any residue left on the structure. Respect the property and the public so that they will respect you.

to view a video demonstration by Demon of American Parkour's "Demon's Drills" who posted an article with this concept in it and brought the idea to my attention. I suggest masking tape over duct tape as it leaves less of a mess to clean up.

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