This won’t be a long post, but I have felt the need to address this question due to the frequency of its asking. Regardless of the forums or communities that I browse as a member, there are always posts from people asking

Can I do parkour?
…adding specifics such as weight, age, height, gender and even sexual orientation (!).

Parkour is not defined as belonging to anyone with a certain amount of skill or physical fitness; anyone can do it if they work hard enough.

Consider one of the definitions of parkour: “To move with the most possible efficiency and speed from one location to another”. This means that if you are late, catching a bus and you hop over a fence or park bench, you have just done parkour! Of course the levels at which you see it in most videos requires a great deal of training and usually surpasses jumping over a park bench, but if you work hard, it is achievable for anyone with the right mentality.

YES! YOU CAN DO PARKOUR! Age, height, gender and weight all mean nothing; it's your physical ability (developed through training), positive mentality and a willingness to try that let you go far in parkour.

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  1. [Alex Lee] // 23/10/08 22:40  

    lol im scared that i might break my head open and no one will be there to help me...


  2. Free nintendo wii // 28/10/09 15:02  

    My friend and I saw some videos on parkour and free runnig and are interested in training. but it is kinda scary , any tips on getting over the fear?