Winter is approaching and at least here, it is getting pretty messy outside. The dreary atmosphere and unforgiving conditions may make it difficult to maintain motivation and continue training. Winter is not the hardest time for traceurs, it is Spring: when everyone realizes how out of shape and form they are due to a lack of activity in the Winter. Here are a few things that I have found helpful to do when you begin to run low on motivation:

  • Relate where you are now to where you want to be. When you can "see" how accomplishing one task will bring you closer to that goal, it becomes easier to get motivated. Break big goals into smaller ones so that they don’t seem so overwhelming. Visualize this and know that with a little motivation and effort, you can accomplish it.
  • Create "to do" lists to give yourself a place to start (and a place to end). Cross items that you have completed off your "to do" list. Doing so will give you a sense of accomplishment, which should motivate you to tackle the next thing on your list. Reward yourself when you have accomplished what you set out to do. A simple piece of paper on the wall will suffice. The satisfaction that comes from reaching a goal and crossing off one more thing is well worth it and will continue to push you forward.
  • Start a journal or blog online. Open your training up to the world and you feel a little obligated to post. When you get people commenting on your workouts etc it helps you keep your level of motivation up. This is also a good way to track your progress. I suggest you use Blogger for this; it's easy to use and has a great network (I'm using it right now!). If you start a blog, send me a link and I'll promote it or visit it and comment frequently.
  • Train every day. One missed day may not seem like a lot but it can cause you to completely lose your motivation. One day turns to two and you think "I can do it later". I know this through experience, and chances are you do too. So train daily and make it part of your routine.

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    Your post is wonderful!Thanks for sharing such informative post.

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    hey, I just started this blog, I'll post every day but I need some peoples to visit it... can you promote? thanks :)